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Being one of those people who can quote xkcd's, I am thrilled to read Munroe's book. The way he approaches and communicates solutions to odd problems is simply a joy to read. And the table of contents gets me even more excited. Here is just a small sample of the questions you can look forward to reading about in What If?: If someone's DNA suddenly vanished, how long would that person. Written by Randall Munroe, the creator of the popular web comic XKCD, What If? features many of the same witty stick-figure illustrations that are characteristic of XKCD. Despite covering several mini-apocalyptic scenarios as well as a question about what would happen to a person if all their DNA disappeared, What If? is a light and fun read. Because of its question-and-answer nature, each chapter can stand alone easily, making it a great low-pressure read during those busy/hectic.

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See more of What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions on Faceboo There's some good news: Deep in the Sun, the photons carrying energy around have very short wavelengths—they're mostly a mix of what we'd consider hard and soft X-rays. This means they penetrate your body to various depths, heating your internal organs and also ionizing your DNA, causing irreversible damage before they even start burning you. Looking back, I notice that I started this paragraph with there's some good news. I don't know why I did that xkcd.com is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or below on a Pentium 3±1 emulated in Javascript on an Apple IIGS at a screen resolution of 1024x1. Please enable your ad blockers, disable high-heat drying, and remove your device from Airplane Mode and set it to Boat Mode. For security reasons, please leave caps lock on while browsing FYI: What Would Happen If Every Element On The Periodic Table Came Into Contact Simultaneously? There are two ways to go about testing this, neither of which are practical

What If ?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions (Chinese Edition) by Randall Monroe. 2015-01-09. Good. Ships with Tracking Number! INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE Shipping available. May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. May be re-issue. May be ex-library. Shipping & Handling by region. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!.. xkcd, sometimes styled XKCD, is a webcomic created in 2005 by American author Randall Munroe. The comic's tagline describes it as A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Munroe states on the comic's website that the name of the comic is not an initialism, but just a word with no phonetic pronunciation.. The subject matter of the comic varies from statements on life and love to XKCD: Honest. This comic rang really true for me. I'm a philosophy major and sometimes I think, why am I. In which Django Doyle murders dad Charlie, Jane's mum Natalie plots to sell Jane's baby to Rachel Culgrin, Steph McKenzie randomly turns demonic, and Jane jilts Sam Armstrong at the altar - then disappears, of course. The whole scenario is Natalie's daydream; and on its conclusion she decides that there's no point wishing for what might have been, as it all seems pretty horrific https xkcd com1875 COMP 309 Machine Learning Tools. Slides: 23; Download presentation. https: //xkcd. com/1875/.

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Doing some conversions, the average mass of an elephant is around 5000kg, multiply that by 5x10^30 bacteria-elephants and you get 2.5x10^34 kg or 12572.7 solar masses. Based on a chart from wikipedia on the masses of black holes an intermediate-mass or supermassive black hole might form. The.. Margaret - DNA socks and Jacob - Second (XKCD) and ACI blogger interview. TWiV #381 Weekly Science Picks. Carl - Surprising benefit of viral DNA Alan - Global ship traffic Dickson - Music with 2000 marbles Vincent - The whiteboard revolution Kathy - How to interpret UK and American advisors Rich - Carina Storrs, science writer. TWiV #380 Weekly Science Picks. Alan. This is on one of the best. I've been a fan of the xkcd web comic for a few years now, and the weekly what-if installment is my favorite part of Mr Monroe's website. It is interesting, original and at times downright wacky (in a good way). And most important: It had heart. You could see Randall's passion pouring through most of the items, every week. The book, on the other hand, just screams lazy. The editing is poor. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. (Redirected from 647) Jump to: navigation, search |< < Prev; Comic #647 (October 9, 2009) Next > >| Scary: Title text: I'm teaching every 8-year-old relative to say this, and every 14-year-old to do the same thing with Toy Story. Also, Pokemon hit the US over a decade ago and kids born after Aladdin came out will turn 18 next year. Explanation . Rob is. It's in Apple's DNA that technology alone is not enough — it's technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that makes our heart sing. ~ Steve Jobs When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir? ~ John Maynard Keynes For me, I am driven by two main philosophies, know more today about the world than I knew yesterday.

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Of more immediate concern to Spike, it was also spewing out dozens of cabbages riding jet-black Harley-Davidsons. He stood transfixed as bike after bike issued forth onto the meadow. Then, with another bright flash and a loud 'fffffffffffffttt', the swirling mass disappeared. Ye gods! thought Spike. The Cabbages of Doom have come. Vengeance is upon us. I hope Mrs Gargrady has hoovered the cats, or all is lost Erläutere und interpretiere diese Werte der DNA-Hybridisierung 1.1 Einleitender Teil. Die vorliegenden Werte entstammen der DNA Hybridisierung, welche sich mit den Verwandtschaftsverhältnissen zwischen verschiedenen Arten beschäftigt. Umso mehr. Definitionen. Der Terminus lebendes Fossil wurde von Charles Darwin in die Literatur eingeführt. In seinem Hauptwerk Über die Entstehung der Arten (S. 107 in der ersten Auflage) sagt er über im Süßwasser lebende Formen wie Ornithorhynchus. You stop liking XKCD, you start noticing how much people try to shoehorn the comic into every forum thread they can, no matter how little it has to do with the conversation. You start noticing how every friggin day, people are posting XKCD comics on their blogs or their facebooks or just on forums and going omg so true get out of my head randall. You start getting people going, I KNOW you. In today's xkcd, what's the solution why frogs disappear After several generations of backcrossing, one can assume that the only non-BALB/c DNA in these mice is from the regions flanking the knocked-out gene — Scien tizzle 21:21, 12 December 2007 (UTC) That's great; thanks. So you only need to perform backcrossing when you have the knockout in a different genetic background than the.

XKCD discusses rendezvous and retrieval on the assumption that the probe is moving away from us. For a probe moving toward us, you could make do with far less if you are willing to let the retrieval take longer, for example by using gravity slingshots to bleed off speed relative to your target planet. $\endgroup$ - user Apr 21 '17 at 6:3 I've got your missing links right here (08 September 2012) laying out more of the results beyond the junk DNA angle. This 100,000 word post on the ENCODE media bonanza will cure cancer, by.

This week's xkcd cartoon makes fun of our tendency to make simple things seem complicated. Making up a complicated jargon obfuscates a simple protocol, makes what we do seem more impressive, but also makes it harder. In case you are wondering - yes there are 86,400 seconds in a day without a leap second What If by Randall Munroe ,the guy from the xkcd webcomic fame, seeks to do just that . The entire book is framed as a series of hypothetical questions , which were originally asked by users on xkcd and answers by Munroe. Munroe combines math , logic ,rationality and extrapolation in order to seriously derive meaningful answers to these questions. In the quest for answers, he has reached out. I've got your missing links right here (08 September 2012) laying out more of the results beyond the junk DNA angle. This 100,000 word post on the ENCODE media bonanza will cure cancer, by Michael Eisen, heavily critical of the PR, and some of the claims (but see also: Michael Eisen's take on ENCODE by T. Ryan Gregory). Mike White at The Finch and Pea is one of the few to delve into the.

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Explanation []. Disaster movies are a sub-genre of movies, which resolve around a disaster, such as a natural disaster, worldwide disease pandemic or an attack. Typically, the plot of a disaster movie is how the main characters escape the disaster, avert its climax or deal with the aftermath of the disaster 균형 잡힌 외모는 DNA에 이상이 없으며, xkcd what if '고공 투척' 훈련받은 투수는 140g이 조금 넘는 야구공을 130km/h 이상으로 던질 수 있다. 이는 단순 어깨근육 하나를 넘어 하체의 자세와 허리의 움직임을 더한 무게중심과 힘의 이동을 더한 것이기도 하지만 훈련받지 않은 남성도 힘껏 던지면 100km/h.

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  1. New, unused fuel rods can be touched, they're not that radioactive. Here's one: It consists of uranium dioxide, and it emits alpha radiation, which cannot penetrate the skin. It isn't exactly healthy, so you should not touch it but it isn't that..
  2. g is waaaaaay beyond anything seen before). At first, Continue Reading
  3. d that radiation does not travel far through water, this XKCD What-If says the amount of radiation is cut in half every 7cm. Conclusio
  4. XKCD What If is a brilliant website by a NASA physicist turned cartoonist where he investigates questions sent in by various readers. There are quite a few about falling objects and various changes in momentum, so they link well to P4 - Explaining Motion. Here are a few examples
  5. WHAT IF?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions (Chinese Edition) by Randall Munroe. 2016-06-01. Good. Ships with Tracking Number! INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE Shipping available. May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. May be re-issue. May be ex-library. Shipping & Handling by region. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!..
  6. This week I have been preparing my last phylogenetics lectures and practical of the year. Something that is quite clear when marking student work is that many students have no idea how to read a phylogenetic tree and identify the key features about it that aid interpretation

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  1. batch.effects.lm.e: Apply a linear fit to codon enrichment with a, c, g or u as... batch.effects.pca: Apply a PCA and tSNE to visualize batch effects or groups of... chx.artefacts: Artefacts visible on codon enrichment, due to cycloheximide... enrich.aroundA: Plot enrichment of all codons and all samples enrichmentNoccupancy: Calculates unbiased codon enrichment, Hussmann's codon..
  2. Definitely a really nice chart. It's good to see something so easy to read and quantitative that helps people debate with some level of knowledge. The main problems for me with it are that it doesn't really do a good job on the time axis, spacial axes and the probabalistic risk. For example: 50..
  3. The amount of errors that our own DNA Polymerase (the thing that replicates our DNA when cells divide) produces is pretty low, but not 0%. I guess if there was absolutely no radiation and further.
  4. Today's xkcd: What you get in the mouseover: Bloom's just-buried friend Paddy Dignam is, as Bloom thinks, potted meat. Potted meat is also sexual union, something missing from Leopold and Molly Bloom's marriage. Without: incomplete. With: yes, an abode of bliss. Yes: that's Molly's last word, the novel's last word. Happy Bloomsday. [The Strand Magazine, December 1898.] Other.
  5. Oct 30, 2020 - I vaguely and irrationally resent how useful WebPlotDigitizer is

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  1. Lecture 16 transcription f20 after class.pptx - https\/xkcd.com\/2061 1 Which mutation would result in expressing lactase any time glucose is low(withou
  2. Looking for Answers to the Big Questions by lizparis - a staff-created list : Why is the sky blue? What is the meaning of life? From the curiosity of childhood to the contemplation of later years, always keep exploring and don't be afraid to ask Why? TSCPL Wh
  3. - XKCD Those who have patiently made through the above Mortmain of UID story timeline, could have already basically understood what are all events happened that eventually lead us to the situation we are right now. For people like me the following block diagram help understand the situation. From, this one can understand why pro-aadhaar.
  4. Supplementary files for my book, Bioinformatics Data Skills - vsbuffalo/bds-file
  5. The Chain Part IV. on. March 23, 2015. Chapter: Chapter 4. Alright guys, bare with my current update fails. I'm gonna try and start fresh on Monday and keep my 5 day a week posting schedule. Both Patreon and this site required longer, more complicated strips lately and it's murdering my time management with posting when I should (versus.
  6. xkcd what-if's are pure gold, btw: splud: Picked up mail from the junkmail box this afternoon. There's the standard fold-over mailer thing with lots of market flyers inside. ketas: for example this where entire rain's water would fall down into earth in 1km diameter water droplet: splu

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Dabbler is missing from the Who's Who column. DMC_Run. May 17, 2018, 1:31 pm | There is a relevant xkcd what if but I am terrible at linking things. What would be funny would be if she had a limiter she could take off of it for emergencies. Disable the safeguards, hand it to Achilles, take cover in Halo's shield bubble, hope whatever required such a drastic action can't survive being. I wouldn't say I'm cynical, merely skeptical. Still, the webcomic Megacynics does capture how I look as a typical conversation I might have degenerates into nonsense. Click the drawing to see the whole strip! I'm pleased to join my pals Bonnie Burton and a certain red-headed lady in the comic, too. One of the brains behind Megacynics is my old friend Steve Dengler, who runs the fantastic. Why 30 - 40 years? Once the transfer from #4 to the common pool is completed later this year, the spent fuel is no longer much of an an issue at Fukushima anymore than at other nuclear plants: cools (decays) for a number of years in the pool, then into dry cask storage and eventually into a permanent repository, wherever that may be for Japanese reactors Good designers copy. Great designers steal. In this week's Ignite Show Jeff Veen, well-known for his design work on Google Analytics, Wikirank and Typekit, lays out a strong argument for why iPhone imitators are the cargo cults of the digital era. The people building touchscreen knock-offs don't understand what makes the iPhone great. So instead of creating an end-to-end service they. Bestselling author, Sam Kean, explores the wonders of the magical building block of life: DNA. Vibrant storytelling once again makes science entertaining, explaining human history and whimsy while showing how DNA will influence our species' future. 572.8 KEA & ebook. The Disappearing Spoon. Sam Kea

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Incremental reading Cloze test The 20 rules of formulating knowledge in learning Link: Bad brains: some people are physically incapable of enjoying music Clue To Mysterious Lights That Appear Before Earthquakes How in-app purchase is not really destroying the games industry XKCD | When You Assume Decision making, problem solving, introducing ideas, being influencial Helvetica: one font to rule. May 5, 2015 - To be fair, though, physics has had this coming for years L29: Course Wrap-Up CSE351, Autumn 2017 Administrivia Please fill out the course evaluation! Evaluations close this Sunday, December 10that 11:59pm • Not viewable until after grades are submitted 90%+ response rate so much more useful than 60% • Have to guess what sampling bias is for missing 40% We take these seriously and use them to improve ou They have twitter accounts and show up in completely heartbreaking xkcd strips. We root for them, pull for them, and appreciate their triumphs, tribulations, and traumas. Scientists are still learning new things from images of Jupiter taken by Voyager I in 1979, when I was eight years old. Eight. Years. Old. We made a robot the size of a car, and we fired it into space, and it's never coming. This weekly posting is brought to you courtesy of H. E. Taylor. Happy reading, I hope you enjoy this week's Global Warming news roundu

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  1. Democratic Senators mostly are keeping silent about the sexual assault charge against Biden. So-called women's groups are refusing commen..
  2. Aug 15, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Des. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres
  3. Im aktuellen XKCD-Comic geht es um zu vorsichtige / angemessen vorsichtige / zu unvorsichtige Reaktionen auf Lebensanzeichen. Veranschaulicht durch: Spektrum der Wissenschaft vs. tagesschau.de¹ Spektrum: Auf der Venus gibt es Phosphan. Der dreiwertige Phosphanwasserstoff, im Englischen »Phosphin« genannt [] Tagesschau: Das Gas Phosphin [] Spektrum: Das hat eine Arbeitsgruppe um die.
  4. 28. After viewing the animation, fill out the chart below, by placing a check in the box or boxes to indicate which the event occurs in (some events might have checks for both mitosis and meiosis)
  5. I could see they were so blown away by the fact that plants have DNA, which many of them still probably think is false, that I even had them individually repeat it to me. I find the look on their faces roughly comparable to face of the zOMG cat. Now if only I could get a few things like this: Funny Exam Answers. Examples below. Categories: Grad School Tags: Grad School, humor, teaching, the.
  6. Tag Archives: I Am Disappeared. Frank Turner - I Am Disappeared. Posted on September 8, 2011 by Wedge7. Frank Turner - I Am Disappeared. I keep having dreams of things I need to do, of waking up and not following through. I absolutely love this lyric. There is so much to do and see and explore and experience Continue reading → Posted in Music | Tagged Frank Turner, I Am.

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Date/Time of Last Update: Fri Jun 18 06:00:25 2021 UTC ********** HEALTH ********** return to top Moves afoot to stop banned Shelby Houlihan running in US Olympic trials Thu, 17 Date/Time of Last Update: Wed Jun 16 06:00:25 2021 UTC ********** ENTERTAINMENT ********** return to top Coronavirus live news: New York hits 70% vaccination target. For Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled One thing I don't get about Telethia *spoilers* What chance do I have when even xkcd joins sides Already a subscriber? Log In or Register. Related Content. Why Did Neanderthals Disappear? Medical Emergencies in Space: Is Private Space Tourism Ready for a Worst Case Scenario? Self-Spreading Animal Vaccines Could Combat Human Pandemics. More From Discover. The Sciences. How DNA Can Help in the Search for Dark Matter . The Sciences. First.

It is often valuable to the investigative team that is trying to trace back the belongings to an individual to understand their personal habits, even when DNA evidence is also available. Here, we develop an approach to translate chemistries recovered from personal objects such as phones into a lifestyle sketch of the owner, using mass spectrometry and informatics approaches. Our results show. Half-Life of DNA is 521 Years, Jurassic Park Impossible After All More Login. Half-Life of DNA is 521 Years, Jurassic Park Impossible After All. Archived Discussion Load All Comments. Full Abbreviated Hidden /Sea. Score: 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. 0-1. More Login . Nickname: Password: Public Terminal. Forgot your password? Close. Close . Search 315 Comments Log In/Create an Account. Comments Filter: All.

More DNA-kit surprise relative stories! Kelly Marie Tran in the NYT writing about online harrassment. I kind of wanted to stand up and cheer after I read it. Can a woman head a household in Dubai? This was one of my favorite articles all week! (also NYT) Dad, what if the car explodes? Greer Griswold, physics professor, is an adopted orphan, so when she gets a DNA test she's very curious about the result. She ends up with more than twice as much Neanderthal than almost anyone else and a big chunk that is unidentified. This leads her and her friend Roberts on an adventure, trying to find out the source of her genetics via someone who has looked into it before and a remote.

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For RuneScape on the Online/Browser, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Rate my items The Atlantic covers news, politics, culture, technology, health, and more, through its articles, podcasts, videos, and flagship magazine 파일:상위 문서 아이콘.svg 상위 문서: 사람 본 문서는 사람과 사람속에 속하는 동물인 사람의 생태를 서술한다. 사람의 생태는 빠르게 급변하는 부분으로서, 아래 정보는 문서가 동결되지 않는 한 대체로 이 글을 읽는 시점을 기준으로 한다 Lawyer's Price For Missing Pants: $65 Million By Marc FisherThursday, April 26, 2007; Page B01 When the neighborhood dry cleaner misplaced Roy Pearson's pants, he took action. He complained. He demanded compensation. And then he sued. Man, did he sue. Two years, thousands of pages of legal documents and many hundreds of hours of investigative work later, Pearson is seeking to make Custom. so this is scary, and I believe it, entirely, so the smartest science guy on earth, the one who is in a wheelchair and cant talk, u know him right? the famous smart guy, he has warned humanity agains

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..wenn diese Kretinisten jetzt hingehen und Evolution und Atheismus die Schuld an dem Amoklauf an der Virginia Tech in den USA geben, dann bleibt mir nichts anderes übrig, oder Every $10 of his base fine triggered a $26 penalty assessment for courthouse construction, a DNA identification program, emergency medical services and other programs. Other fees ranged from $1 to $35. It's the new tax, Jennings, 30, complained while waiting in traffic court to contest a staggering bill compounded by a $500 fine for missing a court date. It's not just Chicago.

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WHAT IF those strange and worrying problem (Collector's Edition)(Chinese Edition) by LAN DAO ER MEN LUO ZHU and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com I tried to do the friedman test to see if there are differences between my multiple measurements (OrderIntime, 5 different measurementtimes) over my 6 conditions (6 different SpeechRates SR). I me..

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Welcome to 2010! (Here's Jon Stewart's review of 2009.). Since there was ZERO net job creation in the US over the last decade, let's hope the next ten years go a little better, shall we?. News. France joins the US and the UK in shutting its Yemen embassy.; The NY Times offers a fascinating look inside Barack's war on terrorism.And WaPo defends the President against critics who say he. The Canon: A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science by Natalie Angier: Award-winning science journalist Angier takes us on a guided twirligig through the scientific canon. She draws on conversations with hundreds of the world's top scientists, and her own work as a reporter for the New York Times, to create an entertainin From the archives: The infamous arcade game Polybius, said to drive players to suicide or madness, was never more than an urban legend Knowledge of how to read such maps may also disappear along with the map itself. According to Katharine Harmon though, we use many more maps than just the flat road and topographical ones. In her book, You Are Here, she explains that maps are simply a way to organize information, memory, and our lives. Maps can be scientific as in a DNA map or a chronological map of the universe. Or maps can. Português (Brasil) Català. Русски

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