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OOne pile will be bigger than the other. One pile will contain at least 5 tiles worth 1 point, the other pile will have at least 4 tiles worth 1 point. One pile will have more points on its tiles than the other pile Both piles will contain at least 4 tiles worth 1 point. One pile will contain at least 5 tiles worth 1 point, the other pile will have at least 4 tiles worth 1 point Both piles must contain a tile with the letter S on it. One pile will contain at least 5 tiles worth 1 point, the other pile will have at most 4 tiles worth 1 point At SCRABBLE clubs and tournaments, experts average between 330-450 points per game. However, the competition is probably much stiffer than your wife encounters, and she may have to adjust her thinking to adapt to the typical 25 minute time limit per person per game when using a chess clock. A better measure of skill is determining the average points per turn score. If your wife averages 30 or more points per turn, not counting tile exchanges, then she may very well be a SCRABBLE expert.

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These questions relate to the popular board game Scrabble. The quiz includes questions about the point value of some words, the point value of some letters, and acceptable words that can be used in the game. Good Luck! Average score for this quiz is 5 / 10. Difficulty: Tough. Played 1,467 times. As of Jun 18 21

For instance, PLAY #1 may immediately give you 30pt while Play #2 gives you 20pt. But in the long run, Play #2 may allow you to follow it up with plays that earn 5 more points than Play #1 (combining both this turn's play with next turn's play and considering your rack leave after that). In simpler terms, this may mean that if you play out this position 2000 times, you'll wind up earning 5 more points with Play #2 than with Play #1. This also takes into account how many points your opponent. Playing Scrabble in English Lessons - Preparations. suitable for students from the age of 12. Topic: The pupils revise and practise vocabulary and spelling through play. Assessment: none (could be performed in a contest - Highscore) letter tiles (4-5 sets, depending on the number of groups) Preparations: Make the large grid and the letter tiles

Here is your hand: A E F G H L L Enter your word: HEAL HEAL is a good word and scores 7 points You have these letters left: F G L Enter your word: GIRL You cannot make GIRL with your hand. You have these letters left: F G L Enter your word: Your total score was 7 points. Would you like to play again? y Here is your hand: A A C I O P T Enter your word: TAPIOCA TAPIOCA is a good word and scores 11 points. Your total score was 61 points. Would you like to play again? y Here is your hand: C E E. According to Lewis's system, X (worth eight points in the current game) is worth only five points and Z (worth 10 points now) is worth six points. Other letter values change too, but less..

More tiles fall in a band of two to five points, bringing the utility of each closer together. The consensus of my math-brained Scrabble colleagues is that this would be like a dose of lithium for. Scrabble is a word game in which two to four players score points by placing tiles, each bearing a single letter, onto a game board divided into a 15×15 grid of squares. The tiles must form words that, in crossword fashion, read left to right in rows or downward in columns, and be included in a standard dictionary or lexicon You have total += i but there is no variable named total in scope at this point. Consider initializing it with total=0 before the loop. Or, declare total as a global variable. Also, your loop does not appear to be considering the value of x, so all it's going to do is calculate the total of all possible scores

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  1. Scrabble© tile values, blanks have no score value. All players are randomly allocated 7 tiles each at the start of all new games. All words labelled as a part of speech (including those listed of foreign origin, and as archaic, obsolete, colloquial, slang, etc.) are permitted with the exception of the following: words always capitalized, (proper nouns), abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes.
  2. SCRABBLE TILES Numerical Values The total point value of all 100 tiles is 187. Although all tiles have a value, some are worth much more than others. In Scrabble, you want to form as many high-scoring words as you can. Don't end up playing low-scoring words when other possibilities exist. Ark is worth 7 points, whereas Are is worth only 3. The numerical values of the tiles are distributed.
  3. Scrabble Introduction. Two to four players play in any game of Scrabble. The object of Scrabble is to score more points than one's opponent. A player collects points by placing words on the game board. Each letter has a different point value, so the strategy becomes to play words with high scoring letter combinations
  4. g the Number of Tiles). Adjacent games should not use identical tiles. If one game has already begun, the other game should change tiles. If neither has begun, then one player from each board draws
  5. There are 100 tiles in a standard Scrabble set. The count and point values of the tiles are shown in this table. i. If I draw one tile from the bag of 100 tiles, what is the probability that i..
  6. The ultimate goal of Scrabble game is to build valid English words on the game board and collect maximum points than the opponent by following a set of rules and restrictions. Figure 1 referred below represents a 15x15 grid Scrabble game board used officially. The game has a tile bag that holds 100 tiles and is shared among all the players

Scrabble Word Finder: Your user will enter the tiles which they currently have. Your program will print all words in the dictionary which can be created by those tiles. Then, it will print the word with the most scrabble points and the point total. Here is my code thus far Scrabble is not a game of luck, it is one of skill. Every player has his or her own playstyle. Some know more long or short words while others have amazing tactics to score big on bonus fields. What you want is to play tiles on the board in a way that benefits your own style while at the same time hindering your opponent and destroying their flow

5 Points: K. 8 Points: J & X. 10 Points: Q & Z. You will also find score multipliers scattered around the Scrabble board. When a tile is laid on one of these squares, its value or the whole word's value will be multiplied double or triple. How Does the Game End? Once there are no more tiles in the bag, and one of the players has already. Scrabble players draw 7 letter tiles from the bag and try to make the best word using any of their tiles. The object of the game is to get the highest score. Each letter has a unique value that determines the points a player receives for their word. More points are awarded when a word uses triple letter, double word or even triple word squares on the grid. Assembly Required: Yes Warning: Not.

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  1. Free printable scrabble letters and tiles for woodworking projects, cricut machines, DIY crafts, etc. Use these patterns and stencils to spell out your family name or create unique word art. For more ideas see letter stencils and cool text generator. Important! You can: 1. Print/save the individual standard letters by selecting th
  2. Well, the image originally given is of a single board square, not of a tile. Toby Thain correctly identifies the board square as being Futura Bold. However, Jerome Gagnon asked what font is used on the little wooden tiles. The font I think comes.
  3. The basic objective of Scrabble is to play tiles marked with letters on a 15x15 grid to form words. After the initial word is played, players take turns adding words to existing letters. The board looks like this: The colors mark the Premium Squares and letters or words that played on those squares are worth more points. Each tile has a letter and a number on it. The letter is used to.
  4. Unlike Scrabble, when adding to an existing equation only the newly added tiles score points. double-letter, triple-letter, double-word, triple-word squares work as usual; All equations earn a bonus depending on the actual numeric value of the equation. This rewards equations of high value like '25x25=625' compared to ones of low value like '1.
  5. The letter 'Q' is one that occurs least often in English text which has resulted in just one tile of that letter in Scrabble, carrying a value of 10 points

The game of Scrabble has 100 tiles — 98 of these tiles contain a letter and a score, and two of them are wildcards worth zero points. At home on a lazy summer day with a bag of these tiles, you. SCRABBLE TILES Numerical Values The total point value of The numerical values of the tiles are distributed as follows: A, E, I, O, U, L, N, S, T and R are worth 1 point each. D and G have a value of 2 points. B, C, M and P are worth 3 points each. F, H, V, W and Y are assigned values of 4 points each. K is the only tile with a value of 5 points. J and X both have a value of 8 points. Q and.

which of the following scrabble tiles has a value of 1

  1. Alphabetically speaking, what are the last two consecutive Scrabble tiles (above) whose combined value is five points? A Game of Thrones is the first book in which novel sequence by George R R.
  2. 5. Letter and word premiums count only on the turn in which they are played. On later turns, letters already played on premium squares count at face value. 6. When a blank tile is played on a red or orange square, the value of the word is doubled or tripled, even though the blank itself has no score value. 7. When two or more words are formed.
  3. Without placing a word on two triple-word bonus tiles at once, the highest-scoring word of all time was played by Marlene Milkent at the 2010 National Scrabble Championship. She played caziques.
  4. Scrabble includes 100 letter tiles per set. All of the tiles are inscribed with letters, except for two blank tiles. The blank tiles act as wild cards. They can be counted as any letter of the alphabet. The one drawback from the benefit of the blank tile is that it has no point value of its own. Every tile with a letter has its own point value.
  5. Masters of the Tiles. Even to initiates, Scrabble has yet to yield up all its secrets By Barry Chamish. June 1987 Issue. Share. Like many other Americans in 1933, Alfred Butts was experiencing a.
  6. It's important to point out that there are several special rules in Scrabble; for instance, you can get a 50-point bonus if you use all seven of your tiles in one turn (called a bingo). You can also get extra points by using bonus squares on the board, including the coveted triple-triple, when you play a word covering two triple word score squares. Bluffing is also allowed; it.
  7. Values of tiles. The following table lists the point values for each letter used in a Scrabble Word Finder game. 0 Points - This is a blank tile. A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, and U all receive one.

Each letter that is used in the game has its own points. To play Scrabble, you need to have the following things available at the hand: A Scrabble Game Board; 100 letter tiles - 98 letters tiles and 2 blank tiles; A letter bag; Four racks; Before the game starts, the participants should agree upon the dictionary that will be used during the game. Game Setup. All the letters are either placed. The values of each letter in the iconic word game Scrabble are based off newspaper pages from the 1930s, but times have changed since then, and so has our language. Researcher Joshua Lewis says that the modern Scrabble dictionary has made it easier than ever to play the game's more challenging tiles, so he went ahead and recalculated their values

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In Scrabble 1 each player has a set of tiles with letters on them. The object of the game is to use those letters to spell words. The scoring system is complex, but longer words are usually worth more than shorter words. Imagine you are given your set of tiles as a string, like quijibo, and you are given another string to test, like jib According to scrabble rules, there are three main steps to a turn: 1) Play a Word. 2) Total the Score for that Word. 3) Draw Tiles to Replace the Tiles Played. The first player must play his or her first word on the center square of the board, the spot that has a 'star' on it. All words must be two or more letters long This resource features the letters of the alphabet on Scrabble tiles - fantastic for your alphabet classroom display! Available to print in A4 or smaller to help you design your classroom display how you like. Why not print and cut the scrabble tiles and get your students to make a word based on a topic you've called out to them, then add up the points and see who has the highest-ranking.

The distribution and point value of Scrabble tiles are based on the relative frequency of each letter's appearance in English language words. Thus, the more common the letter, the more likely it will appear in a 7-letter word or can be played in a word that will earn double or triple word score value. Hold on to the more common vowels and consonants for later and play the less common ones. SCRABBLE, the associated logo, the design of the distinctive SCRABBLE brand game board, and the distinctive letter tile designs ar

Scrabble does not only test your vocabulary vastness but also requires you to strategize in order to end up with more points than your opponent. One of its big appeals is that it is very easy to learn but hard to master. To see how this website assists you in the process of mastering Scrabble, take a look at ou dsn January 19, 2013 at 5:27 pm. Chew's and O'Laughlin's approach to reconsidering the face values of the tiles involves adjusting their equity values. Equity value in Scrabble is similar to advanced baseball stats that compare players to an average replacement. Scrabble theorists have been calculating this stat—let's call it. Each tile has a point value that is tallied up when placing a word. USAopoly (the Op) has teamed up with national parks to bring a range of themed titles to the board game market. As well as Scrabble: Special Edition National Parks , players can get their hands on themed editions of Monopoly , Get Wild , Jenga , Trivial Pursuit (travel edition), and Yahtzee He has created a program for calculating the values of the letters based on how they're used today. According to his model, x (worth eight points now) should be worth only five, and z.

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Create the following methods within the Scrabble object. score (word): returns the total score value for the given word. The word is input as a string (case insensitive). The chart below shows the point value for a given letter. highestScoreFrom(arrayOfWords): returns the word in the array with the highest score. Note that it's better to use fewer tiles, so if the top score is tied between. Thus intrigued, I decided to enter nerdvana and calculate the value of each blank. Of course, a blank, in simple terms, is the only tile on a Scrabble board worth no points. Yet what I'm talking about is the value of gaining a blank - the fact it can be used as any letter makes it by far the most powerful, flexible and desirable tile there is

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Scrabble Twist ($19.99) is similar to the original game in that you have to build words with letters to score points, but it's more like a word nerd's version of hot potato than anything else Scrabble has been translated into 22 languages, from Arabic to Afrikaans. Oddly, the game is sold outside the U.S. by Hasbro's rival, Mattel Inc. By the early 1990s, thanks to its acquisitions of Milton Bradley (maker of Life, Yahtzee and Candy Land) and Parker Brothers (Monopoly, Risk and Trivial Pursuit), Hasbro owned more than half of the $1.1 billion U.S. games market. But in 1993, Mattel. Free Printable Scrabble Letter Tiles Sign. This free printable scrabble letter tiles sign is great for DIY home decor, wedding decor, birthday parties, party decorations, DIY giant backyard scrabble, or even to use for scrap-booking. This is such a versatile printable. I've seen so many crafty scrabble ideas on Pinterest and these free printable scrabble letters are great for any DIY project.

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See trending images, wallpapers, gifs and ideas on Bing everyday ‎Anagrammer.com brings you the best WordFinder, Word Solver and Word Lookup app. Quickly find all highest scoring words. Refine your search with super powerful filters. Check if a word is VALID or INVALID in Scrabble ®, Words With Friends ®, Lexulous ®, Wordfeud ® or Word Chums ® etc. Find words i

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The letter tile values are different in Scrabble® and Words With Friends® too. A great example of these differences is the word wordfinder. Curiously enough, wordfinder is perfectly playable -- and good for 19 points -- in Words With Friends®. However, it's not a valid word in the Scrabble US® or Scrabble UK® dictionaries. Once the last tile has been placed, the game finishes. Final scoring begins. Incomplete cities, roads, and cloisters are scored. For each incomplete feature, which a player has a piece on, they score 1 point per tile in the unfinished road or city. Shields earn one point each. An incomplete cloister with a monk earns 1 point per tile around the. Use the advanced options to sort by Scrabble Point Values or WWF Point Values. This will tell you the most valuable plays you can make on your board. Each result links to The Word Finder dictionary so you can see the definition of the words you are about to play. Our Word Finder Tool searches our database of words from the ENABLE and SOWPODS dictionary that both Scrabble and WWF are based upon. Why Upwords is better than Scrabble. The first and most notable difference is that unlike Scrabble all tiles in Upwords carry the same value of 1 point, but don't be misled. 1000+ point games.

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Are you searching for the subject Scrabble Tile Tutorial? Are you looking to see scrabble tile floor? If that's the case, please see it right here. Scrabble Tile Tutorial | Top best products for household. Images related to the topic scrabble tile floor. In addition to viewing the article on the topic Scrabble Tile Tutorial, Scrabble is a word game in which two to four players can score points by placing tiles with a single letter onto a board divided into a 15×15 grid of squares. The tiles must form words that, in crossword fashion, read left to right in rows or downward in columns, and be included in a standard dictionary or lexicon Scrabble is not all about the letters - also requires some basic mathematical skills. Each letter in the game has a corresponding score and the rarer the letters; the greater the score is when it is in a word. Count how many points are awarded, for each word created by players, who can practice and sharpen their mathematical skills. 3. Helps to.

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  1. Rack Management is the game's arcane art and who has ever dabbled in Scrabble bears witness to the divination required to create order out of a rackful of intractable tiles. This ten-point guide will help you apply some basic principles. 1. Play away duplicate letters. You are more likely to create bonus words if you rid your rack of duplicates (or triplicates and quadruplicates). Keeping.
  2. 1 Answer1. Premium Word Squares: The score for an entire word is doubled when one of its letters is placed on a pink square: it is tripled when one of its letters is placed on a red square. The Triple Word square triples the value of any word played on it. So in your example, SO would score triple points, but PICKLES only scores normally
  3. Points Per Letter 1 point: A, E, I, O, U, L, N, R, S, T 2 points: D, G 3 points: B, C, M, P 4 points: F, H, V, W, Y 5 points: K 8 points: J, X 10 points: Q, Z 14. Scrabble®: Fun with Words The idea of the game is to score points making words. 15. Player's Turns Put all letter tiles into the tile bag or any suitable container. Draw for the.
  4. Point Values. There are plenty of bonus points available on the board, like double letter, triple letter, double word, and triple word scores. Using them is the fastest way to achieving high scores, but once they are used, they cannot be used again. A simple way to remember it is if you can't see it, you can't use it. The pink square with a star in the middle of the board is a double word.
  5. You draw seven lettered tiles from a bag initially containing 100 — 42 vowels, 56 consonants, and two wild-card blanks, each with an associated point value — and you take turns making words on.

The standard es: 6.0, 7.0, 7.5, 6. deviation of these scores is in which of the following ranges? A. 4 - 6.9 B. 2 - 3.9 C. 0 - 1.9 D. 7 - 7.9 E. 8 - 9.9 14. Jack and Kevin play in a basketball game. If the ratio of points scored by Jack to points scored by Kevin is 3 to 5, which of the following could NOT be the total number of points. The following table gives the letter distributions for Bananagrams, Scrabble (without the blanks), and Snatch: In fact, for each letter of the alphabet, the Bananagrams set has at least one more tile than the Scrabble set. Since there are 100 Scrabble tiles and 144 Bananagrams tiles, this additional 26 tiles explains a lot of the discrepancy. It also gives a hint as to how the inventors of.

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Games like Scrabble and Words With Friends assign a point value to each letter. So it is a good thing to brush up on how much each letter is worth. Scrabble Letter Values. Blank tiles (wildcard letters) = 0 Points; A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T and U = 1 Point; D and G = 2 Points; B, C, M and P = 3 Points. F, H, V, W and Y = 4 Points; K = 5 Points; J and X = 8 Points; Q and Z = 10 Points; As you. Scrabble is a fun, classic word game. The object of the game is to get the most points by playing words on a board that you connect to words created by your fellow players. To play Scrabble, you need at least one other player. You will also need an official Scrabble board with all of its components Give students a point for each acceptable word made from the day's seven Scrabble® letter tiles. Award students 1 point for each one-letter word they make, 2 points for each two-letter word, 3 points for each three-letter words, and so on. Award points based on the point values assigned to each letter in the actual Scrabble® board game. (See Scrabble® Letter Point Values below.) At the.

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  1. Scrabble is the classic board game that always spells F-U-N. Consisting of interlocking words, crossword fashion, onto a playing board, Scrabble game challenges players to spell out words using letter tiles with various score values. The object of the game is to get the highest score, and scores are given for letter values and boosted by premium squares on the grid. Words can read either.
  2. g interlocking words in cross-word fashion on the Scrabble board using tiles displaying.
  3. After a player has set a tile, the arms of the layout are totaled. If this pip total is a multiple of five (5, 10, 15, 20, and so forth), the player immediately scores that number, divided by five. Remember that an exposed double scores the total of its pips. For example the [5-5] is worth ten pips, on the end of an arm
  4. You need to follow this method when you have to create a lengthy word. Dictionaries. Scrabble Dictionary Words With Friends Dictionary. Word Finders. Word Finder Scrabble Word Finder Words With Friends Cheat Word Unscrambler Anagram Solver. Two Essential Steps for Word Scramble Players. When playing offline, you need a board to rearrange the letter-engraved tiles. While playing and racking up.
  5. The English-language edition of Scrabble contains 100 letter tiles. The consonants are distributed as follows: B, C, F, H, M, P, V, W, Y = 2 each (18 tiles) N, R, T = 6 each (18 tiles) D, L, S, = 4 each (12 tiles) G = 3 tiles J, K, Q, X, Z = 1 eac..
  6. In 2006, Scrabble recognized more than 3,000 new words that totally shook up the game. Two major additions were the two-letter words qi, the Chinese word for the vital force present in all things, and za, a slang term for pizza.That's because Z and Q are the highest valued tiles at 10 points each, and before that, there were no two-letter words that included them

Scrabble Complete follows the rules of the board game closely. The popular board game Scrabble lets up to four players randomly choose a number of letter tiles, then attempt to make words on the. Scrabble is a board game where each letter is assigned a point value based on its frequency of use in the edition's language. The comic claims all letters are worth 16% more. When applied to the normal values for the Scrabble tiles in English. Q is worth 12 instead of 10; X is worth 9 instead of 8; Y is worth 5 instead of The first world Scrabble championship was hosted in London in 1991, and has been held on alternate years ever since. By then, James Brunot was dead, but Alfred Butts lived to be 93, dying in April. Each tile has both values consonants and vowels. A blank tile AKA a wildcard can be used as any letter but has worth 0 points. In wordfeud game, DL stands for Double Letter value, TL stands for Triple Letter value, DW stands for Double Words count and TW stands for Triple Words count. BINGO: When all the 7 tiles are used in single short, it is. record the data for the first six tiles (figures 0 through 5) in a table, and graph the data. fig. 0 fig. 1 fig. 2 fig. 3 fig. 4 fig. 5 Each figure adds four tiles: two tiles to the top row and two tiles to the lower portion of the figure. Figure 0 has two tiles, so the rule is y=4x+2 and figure 100 has 4(100)+2=402 tiles. There are 202 tiles.

Scrabble is an old fashioned board game people used to play before Playstation and World of Warcraft existed. You get random letters and have to create words. Those words you put on the board and you get points for the locations of the individual letters. Every letter has a value. the X and Q are very valuable. The location can be an. After the last tile is played, the opposing player will lose points equal to the sum of the value of his remaining tiles. This amount is then awarded to the player who placed the last tile. 5. Dictionary. Words With Friends has more than 173,000 acceptable words for use in the game. Our list is based on the Enhanced North American Benchmark. When playing scrabble, because it's worth a SHIT ton of points. How Canada Was Named So the dignitaries of the associated Provinces of what we now call Canada got together over a game of Scrabble to determine the name of the country In scrabble not every letter has the same value. Letters that occur more often in the English language are worth less (e.g., 'e' and 's' are each worth 1 point), and letters that occur less often are worth more (e.g., 'q' and 'z' are worth 10 points each). You may use hard-coded values in its data. Here are all the letter values Download Scrabble3D for free. Scrabble3D is a highly customizable Scrabble game that not only supports Classic Scrabble and Superscrabble but also 3D games and own boards. You can play local against the computer or connect to a game server to find other players

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Most of the rules are almost similar to Scrabble except some minor differences like difference in point value (for some letters) and bonus tiles. Board layout is also different and they also use other dictionary for reference. Want to learn some tips and tricks to score better against your online friends ? Here is the recent article from our blog you may want to read : Words With Friends. Scrabble was invented in 1931 in New York by Alfred Butts, an unemployed architect down on his luck. He came up with the 15-squares-by-15plywood board, the vital double and treble-value squares.

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The slope BC = -3 is the value we want so, tile 1 pair with tile 4 Tile 5 and Tile 10 do not have pairs . valentevasquez1514 valentevasquez1514 Answer: how the chart should look like . Step-by-step explanation: New questions in Mathematics. Guess what 2 prime numbers make a co prime number from the following a) 20 b) 5 c) 36 d) 25 Drag each equation to the correct location on the table. It took a long time for yowza to make its way to the official Scrabble dictionary, but if you can manage to play this word, it has a face value score of 20 points that you should try to. My Five has been bringing home some simple addition worksheets from kindergarten. I don't do a lot of basic math work with her because it's not her favorite. Shame on me. <: ( To remedy that, I pulled out an addition game from my teaching days. First I made a list of words on her paper. I started simple and progressed to longer words Color Tiles are a collection of square tiles, one inch on a side, in four colors-red, blue, yellow, and green. The tiles have applications in all areas of the math curriculum. They are useful for counting, estimating, measuring, building understanding of place value, investigating multiplication patterns, solving problems with fractions, exploring geometric shapes, carrying out probability.

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The point value of each letter or tile is different; The Scrabble Word Dictionary is different than the Words With Friends Dictionary. WWF uses the ENABLE (ENHANCED NORTH AMERICAN LEXICON) dictionary with 173,000+ words in its word list. Since they use different dictionaries, each game has its own cheat: Scrabble Cheat & WWF Cheat; See below for an example of the WWF game board on IOS. Example. Let's analyze the welding safety. 1. Chemical safety. This is something that every welder should keep in mind. Any chemical container to be cut or welded with the use of torch must be entirely cleaned of flammable materials, tars, greases, acids, and other toxic and explosive materials. 2 corresponding (approximately] to the point value of the tile in SCRABBLE, by decreasing value. The reason for the putting the higher-valued letters higher in the tree is to help find the most valuable words first, in case a full search cannot be completed. Shapiro's move generator iterates over board posi- tions, taking the tiles in the rack and at the proposed board position, and searching.

The game of SCRABBLE is a two-dimensional. Each game piece is flat and rectangular and has a top surface. One of the letters of the alphabet is placed on its top surface. In the two-dimensional game of SCRABBLE each player forms interlocking words in crossword fashion on a playing board by using letter tiles with various point value. Each. Goldfish can remember up to 3 months, while the beta fish has a memory of up to 5 months. And while a puppy's memory span is no longer than 30 seconds, the adult dog can remember for 5 minutes. This is meager compared to a cat, whose memory span lasts for 16 hours. The function that relates the type of pet to the duration of its memory span is more easily visualized with the use of a table. If we look at the way a pentagram is constructed, we can see there are lots of lines divided in the golden ratio: Since the points can be joined to make a pentagon, the golden ratio appears in the pentagon also and the relationship between its sides and the diagonals (joining two non-adjacent points). The reason is that Phi has the value 2 cos.

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