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How to Read Etherscan to Check the Status of a Transaction

  1. If the Status is already at Success, but you don't see the coins in your destination wallet yet, check if the number of confirmation already matches the requirements of the receiving or sending wallet. Many exchanges will have a limit of 10 or even 30 confirmations before the transaction counts as valid on their end
  2. This guide will focus on explaining the information that is displayed for different types of transactions on Etherscan. Components of an Ethereum Transaction on Etherscan. Transaction Hash: A unique identifier that can be used to locate a specific transaction. Status: The current state of a transaction (Success, Failed, or Pending)
  3. g transaction and that is the block confirmation number. A block confirmation number denotes the number of block in the blockchain that has been processed.

Transaction Hash: 0x89b906f0d9c7b4fe29d87c5259303b2dd21e5dd915bf93ce8e9843d7205cb304. Status: Success. Block: 8124328 4015574 Block Confirmations. Timestamp: 628 days 18 hrs ago (Jul-10-2019 03:40:08 PM +UTC) From If your transaction status shows Pending like in the above screenshot, your transaction is Transaction marked Success, but I can't see my funds. Why? Have more questions? Submit a request. You've successfully subscribed to Etherscan Information Center! Join Our Newsletter. Subscribe. Great! Check your inbox and click the link to confirm your subscription. Please enter a valid email. 0x00b83df1a98b4175a46cefbee24ad3e2c9a65a872981d581bef62fb46ff5993e. Status: Success. Block: 16469113329185 Block Confirmations. Timestamp: 579 days 15 hrs ago (Nov-14-2019 09:21:21 AM +UTC) From: 0x9d525e28fe5830ee92d7aa799c4d21590567b5950x9d525e28fe5830ee92d7aa799c4d21590567b595 Compare the latest block number to the ones shown on http://fork.ethstats.net. Should you find yourself on the non-fork chain you will have to remove the %APPDATA%\Ethereum\chaindata folder and do a full resync. luclu mentioned this issue on Jul 23, 2016

Remix Debugger. Geth Debug TraceGeth Debug Trace_2. [ This is a Rinkeby Testnettransaction only ] Transaction Hash: 0x20049a3715f7c312fdc1ab952c6595f29bb9104ecb60b2d72fef05030d18fce9. Status: Success. Block: 66496942079594 Block Confirmations Ethereum (ETH) detailed transaction info for txhash 0xe5e5085243ebc3538095091a391e92146498da274e062c72a45a2561d9be25ee. The transaction status, block confirmation. Get Raw TxnHash. [ This is a Goerli Testnet transaction only ] Transaction Hash: 0x81080bdc2ee4ede8898f003c4b74c9dcabdd6467e443f9ab8669f0c62434aaee. Status: Success. Block: 4782076 195264 Block Confirmations. Timestamp Transaction Hash: 0xeff0ad12c3273d8be1148b06ba50934793dfeb6bc8e061188371c638a7381531. Status: Success. Block: 3584972 1370293 Block Confirmations. Timestamp: 238 days 22 hrs ago (Oct-16-2020 11:13:12 AM +UTC) From I tried swapping some VI coin back to Ethereum via Uniswap but nothing happened on my metamask account even though etherscan show successful status Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 1. Coins didn't swap with Uniswap although etherscan status shows success Close. 1. Posted by 6 months ago.

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Transaction Hash: 0x38b74687d79499d95b267128be4112077bd5e223b30c6baa481372fc2b16da8a. Status: Success. Block: 2847589 2131437 Block Confirmations. Timestamp: 371 days 7 hrs ago (Jun-10-2020 05:40:50 AM +UTC) From イーサスキャン (Etherscan)とは?. ファオ. イーサスキャン ってのは、イーサリアムのトランザクションやトークンの情報を検索して調べられるサイト だよ。. まあ、別にイーサリアムの達人でなくても使いこなせる。. etherscan.io. Ethereum (ETH) BlockChain Explorer. Transaction Hash: 0xf5c6844ed9197653328c2ec716e961105b39d501df9d4ed90a3856b8b8f907dc. Status: Success. Block: 8244154514170 Block Confirmations. Timestamp: 89 days 7 hrs ago (Mar-16-2021 11:51:32 AM +UTC) From When a transaction is marked Fail on Etherscan.io, the funds the sender intended to send are not deducted but remain in the sender's wallet. However, theGas Fee will still be deducted. Below are the scenarios in where your transaction might fail: Out of Gas. When a transaction has failed due to Out of Gas, this means the gas limit set during the transaction is below the. Transaction Hash: 0x54fa432afca2f76adfb025c6c9e6d34d82ef1c74f37ff05d63e98b79717a6aac. Status: Success. Block: 9496148 946610 Block Confirmations. Timestamp: 147 days 8 hrs ago (Jan-19-2021 12:08:11 PM +UTC) From

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Transaction Hash: 0x4167cc0e35a750032be89f3c319026a5e7b2f0f93ac5c659a660e85a88053edf. Status: Success. Block: 6544674 3894962 Block Confirmations. Timestamp: 613 days 17 hrs ago (Oct-10-2019 07:47:46 AM +UTC) From Validate Transaction. [ This is a Rinkeby Testnettransaction only ] Transaction Hash: 0x71c13386dd9c7181ae0c7d7ef3bdc0ac3f3843cd547221dca522ae7e66e09c0d. Status: Success. Block: 8376217373741 Block Confirmations. Timestamp Ethereum (ETH) detailed transaction info for txhash 0x01b3517845ed9c6b7b40d57bd71ac1a89fec080c5b8988f764d8226ac5caa959. The transaction status, block confirmation. Goerli Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan. Goerli (GTH) detailed transaction info for txhash 0x967fabac2da76d868a9f80d8a64baacbe2cb585519388a4494593705ef050421. The transaction status, block confirmation, gas fee, Ether (ETH), and token transfer are shown. Goerli Testnet Network The Etherscan Developer APIs provide the Ethereum community with accessible and consistent Ethereum data. The APIs are free for the community with a maximum rate limit of up to 5 calls per sec/IP with a valid API key. Starting from February 15th, 2020, all developers are required to use a valid API key to access the API services provided by Etherscan. During the enforcement of the API key.

Ethereum (ETH) detailed transaction info for txhash 0xb4ff9bcbf02f02a3ce99d7c230f675faef0dbd40ffc79fa705b0ad83b6b37a6d. The transaction status, block confirmation. Ethereum (ETH) detailed transaction info for txhash 0x395675b56370a9f5fe8b32badfa80043f5291443bd6c8273900476880fb5221e. The transaction status, block confirmation. Transaction Hash: 0x77006fcb3938f648e2cc65bafd27dec30b9bfbe9df41f78498b9c8b7322a249e. Status: Success. Block: 2342412 6422126 Block Confirmations. Timestamp: 1116 days 21 hrs ago (May-24-2018 11:57:28 PM +UTC) From

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Ethereum (ETH) detailed transaction info for txhash 0xd3c8abf1fc508818c2267591b2fefab57cec6a40c27975a478805156211e0b79. The transaction status, block confirmation. Ethereum (ETH) detailed transaction info for txhash 0x7d083d69f00d5ff0cd0c8fb7b5a4b4844c3df840bbf7b86ce0f8a3353d50e5b0. The transaction status, block confirmation.

Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details Ethersca

  1. Ethereum (ETH) detailed transaction info for txhash 0x71f13bd3ff2342328b10b28e93791c8e090fd55c2d5967e2871d935d89bffea9. The transaction status, block confirmation.
  2. However, when I look at transaction on etherscan it shows up as succesfull. The next transaction (0.02 ETH) was succesfull according to metamask as well. When the transaction failed according to metamask, why doesn't my balance show up correctly? Where is the 0.2 ET that failed to transfer? How do retrieve it or make sure the transaction shows.
  3. Once the transaction is submitted, you can track its status on Etherscan. You will know if the operation succeeds once, its status changes from Pending to Success
  4. The Etherscan API has various inconsistencies between the endpoints such as encoding of values (hex vs base10) as well as the structure of data returned. This module simplifies and standardizes the structure of data that gets returned from Etherscan, as well as provides performance improvements such as parallelization in queries. Installation. To install the package, simply run the following.
  5. Etherscan is a useful resource for all Ethereum Network users to track transactions, check smart contracts, find out stats, and generally stay on top of what's happening in the Ethereum.
  6. Etherscan pending transactions. Now we're ready to start replacing and canceling transactions! Option 1: Submitting a new Swap transaction as a replacement. Let's say the Swap you submitted was to buy Tether (USDT) with your Ether (ETH) and you don't only want to cancel the transaction, you want to replace it. What you can do is attempt to submit another Swap like you normally would, but.
  7. Cashing Out. As your Bee forwards and serves chunks to it's peers, it is rewarded in gBZZ in the form of cheques. Once these cheques accumulate sufficient value, you may cash them out using Bee's API. This process transfers money from your peer's chequebooks into your own, which you can then withdrawal to your wallet to do with as you please

Etherscan est ce qu'on appelle un BlockExplorer pour Ethereum. TxReceipt Status: le statut de la transaction. Success signifie que la transaction s'est terminée avec succès; Block Height: le numéro du bloc contenant la transaction ainsi que le nombre de transactions contenues dans ce bloc (block confirmations) TimeStamp: indique depuis combien de temps la transaction est enregistrée et. HecoInfo (HT) detailed transaction info for txhash 0xb05056711abeeeb9408bcfe541f6ffbdefd92685f77d7eecdde0bd406958ca5f. The transaction status, block confirmation, gas.

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Decode ETH ABI Binary Data into Readable Values. When Dapps interact with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain via Web3 RPC calls, the function names, parameters, and return values are encoded as hex values according to the ABI specification.If you look at the Web3 transactions, or look at the blockchain data itself, it may not be very human readable Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time If you have a pending transaction in your metamask account, first check if that transaction shows up on the network's explorer (for Ethereum mainnet network check etherscan.io; for BSC network check bscscan.com) 1. If the transaction is present on the explorer with the same pending status, you can try to Speed Up or Cancel the transaction or.

{status:1,message:OK-Missing/Invalid API Key, rate limit of 1/5sec applied,result:[{\constant\:true,\inputs\:[{\name\:\\,\type\:\uint256. Featured Customers. See how our customers use Infura to handle their infrastructure needs. We've been running on Infura for as long as I can remember. It's one of the pillars of our infrastructure. If our nodes fail, or the Etherscan API fails, we can rely on Infura.. Jordan Spence, CMO, MyCrypto Top 40 holders (including our wallets in etherscan https: (UNDG) a success too. Read more · 2 min read. 4. Jan 13. Tokenomics and ICO Details of UniDexGas (UNDG) Token. Tokenomics: Total tokens — 10,000 ICO sale — 3,500 Rewards Fund — 3,500 Uniswap Liquidity — 1,500 Team — 750 Marketing — 750. Initial circulating supply: 3,500. ICO Details: Presale start date: 14 Jan 14:00 UTC. If the status on Explorer is at Success state, please kill the app and re-enter the transaction details page to see if the migration status is at Pending Approval If the status on Explorer is at the Failed state, unfortunately, we didn't receive your ERC20 CRO and would not be able to proceed further. Migration Status at Pending Approval Please note that we're.

@MetaMask @Uniswap @ShibainuCoin @etherscan @ethereum I fucking lost 125 and swap wasn't successful ! WTF AeroToken (AET) Token Tracker on Etherscan shows the price of the Token $0.0545, total supply 500,034.511330641467180127, number of holders 6,239 and updated information of the token. The token tracker page also shows the analytics and historical data 2021. 4. 12. Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan https://etherscan.io/tx/0xc9c5c14132790ce14028c282817669ed7ae08073dc5efff45fe4f75fa0d6781f 1/ JETCOIN (JET) Token is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum a decentralized platform for applications. Jetcoin CHAMPIONS. Searching for the next Jetcoin Champions. If you have the potential we can support you. Hello! My Name is May Myat Noe, Im the new Jetcoin Champion. Thank You all for your help and support in furthering my career internationally To view the Presearch blockchain on Etherscan, go here: https: but let's just say they are extremely important and will determine the success or failure of a project and along with it, the efforts of its community. If a community can create its own fixed-supply, transparently verified, independent ledger system that cannot be tampered with (unless you want to tamper with the entire.

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This is because Alpha Homora V2 is integrated with Cream V2 (Iron Bank) in a protocol-to-protocol lending way. Thus, the debt is between the two protocols and not the users. Alpha team will work with Andre and Cream team to find remedial actions to resolve the debt. Currently, borrowing (new leveraged positions and borrowing more to the. Hi everyone, this is Etherscan's submission as a Light Feed Price Oracle to MakerDAO. Thank you. MIP10c14: Subproposal to Appoint Light Feed Preamble MIP10c14-SP#: 3 Author(s): Elvis Hee Contributors: Status: Formal Submission Date Proposed: 2020-06-11 Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd> Name - Etherscan Website - https://etherscan.io/ Github - Etherscan · GitHub Number of Employees - 15 Email.

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Requires a valid Etherscan APIkey, will reject if otherwise 2. Current daily limit of 100 submissions per day per user (subject to change) 3. Only supports HTTP post due to max transfer size limitations for http get 4. Supports up to 10 different library pairs 5. Contracts that use imports will need to have the code concatenated into one file. Status produces its own wallet software that is available for download on its website, which allows you to store Status on your computer. For maximum security, you can store your cryptocurrencies on a dedicated hardware wallet such as a TREZOR wallet or a Ledger Nano X. If you do not wish to buy a hardware wallet, you may consider using a mobile wallet such as Atomic Wallet, Jaxx, or Coinomi. Read writing from MILC (Media Industry Licensing Content) on Medium. The MILC Platform was created by Welt der Wunder® and constructs a blockchain-managed licence, trading and sales platform with high-quality video content

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Bittrex is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that provides the widest selection of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin & Ethereum in the US Authentication. API keys can be generated by logging into your C2CX account and selecting the Settings menu item. Using the API tab on the left you can generate a new API public and secret key. Copy these and keep them in a safe place. Your private key will only be shown once Callisto Network @CallistoSupport Since 2018, we audited over 340 smart contracts, making us the industry leader. With this expertise, we built an enterprise-focused blockchain ecosystem

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  1. g #ETC Transaction? I checked etherscan and it was successful there.
  2. Problem is now it's showing as Dropped but block status as pending. More problem is my exchange doesn't have custom options to modify the nonce, Gas fees or anything and send a 0 ETH transaction. More problem is my exchange doesn't have custom options to modify the nonce, Gas fees or anything and send a 0 ETH transaction
  3. Ares Protocol is responsible for whitelisting Tier 0 users. Getting Whitelisted. Whitelist Opening: 19.04; Whitelist Closing: 24.04 2pm UTC; Public Offering Date: 26.04 2pm UT
  4. DuckSTARTER KYC Process. You will need to complete a simple KYC process to be eligible to participate in the ethbox public offering. We use Blockpass for KYC verification, due to its simplicity.
  5. Nota tambahan - transaksi tersebut dilabel 'Successful' bila kita tengok di block explorer Ethereum (seperti Etherscan, Etherchain, Ethplorer, dll.). Kalau successful, token tu sebenarnya 'wujud' ke tak dalam address ETH Luno tersebut?
  6. Prior to this getMyReward() is called.\n /// @param _from The address of the sender\n /// @param _to The address of the recipient\n /// @param _amount The amount of tokens to be transfered\n /// @return Whether the transfer was successful or not\n function transferFromWithoutReward(\n address _from,\n address _to,\n uint256 _amount\n ) returns (bool success);\n\n /// @notice Doubles the.

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  1. AeroToken (AET) Token Tracker on Etherscan shows the price of the Token $0.0545, total supply 500,034.511330641467180127, number of holders 6,239 and updated information of the token
  2. Dear Alpha community, our partners, and DeFi users, as we have shared earlier, we have closed the loophole that made the exploit possible. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us, be it on the technical front and non-technical front. We sincerely appreciate it
  3. TrueDeck Announcements pinned « ♦️♠️ IMPORTANT UPDATE ♣️♥️ We will now be targeting December 20, 2018 for TDP MEGA AIRDROP snapshot. It was a hard decision to take but there are valid reasons! 1. We have come across some technical issues in our airdrop snapshot application
  4. The latest Tweets from ParadigmCoin (PDM) (@PDMCoin). Bubbles are mathematically impossible in this new paradigm. So are corrections and all else
  5. API Key Rate Limit & Errors - Etherscan Information Cente
  6. ETH transaction failed according to metamask (funds not
  7. Step-by-Step Guide to ColdStack's Liquidity Bootstrapping

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Etherscan(イーサスキャン)とは?画面の見方や使い方、トランザクションの確認方法を徹底解説! DappsWit

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  1. MSGT.IO (UniDexGas.com) - Mediu
  2. All about CRO Token Migration Crypto
  3. K-E-E-G-A-N on Twitter: @MetaMask @Uniswap @ShibainuCoin
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